serra gelada.

Serra Gelada is a Nature Park in the Province of Alicante that is located between Benidorm, Altea and l‘Alfas del Pi. We can see it from our balcony and I wanted to get to know more about it for a while. So last weekend we went on a spontaneous hiking trip that started in Albir. The park has two different hiking routes that start from Albir, the short one that we walked is about 5 km and has almost no difference in the altitude level. The whole trail is paved and there is no way you can get lost. It ends at a small lighthouse. The second trail is one-way and around 8 km. Because of the differences in altitude the trail is around 4-5h walking in one direction and good hiking shoes are recommended. So I guess this one might only be possible during the fall or winter. Along the way are no water fountains and the heat is burning right now.

The Nature Park consists of the mountains of Serra Gelada and a large area of the Sea and four small islands. The cliffs are amazing and we were so excited about the landscape. The first kilometer is along the water side and you can see Altea, Calpe and the Peninsula of Calpe, Albir and the mountains of Aitana of course. Yachts and Jet Skis cover the cost line and small boats stop everywhere for some snorkeling or swimming. There are no beaches along the way but small Calas with stones where you can snorkel and enjoy the silence and the nature.

The second part of the way is towards the lighthouse and along the trail you can find information desks about the flora and fauna and the origins of the mountains. Serra Gelada was formed after a shifting of Africa towards the Iberian Peninsula. Some parts of the mountains consist of limestone. The cliffs are up to 400m high and are home to many different plants and birds. One of them can only be found here in the Nature Park and is endangered. In the Sea you can find many different fish that are typical for this region. What‘s even more striking is the existence of fossils. Some rocks have marks on them, that come from creatures (called Condrodontos) that lived around 100 million years ago.

The lighthouse was closed but it is really small. We saw a sign that it is possible to see dolphins from the Nature Park and that they even swim really close to the coast! We will definitely be back!!


Read more about the Park in Spanish
Video: This was about the walk we did, but 20°C hotter and less people

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