I fell in love with this city immediately! Altea resembles an Andalusian town with the white houses and colorful flowers, the view over the sea and the mountains, narrow streets full of life and music. Compared to Benidorm and even other towns close by, Altea gives you the feeling of vacation. The city is divided into two different parts. Along the coast you can find lots of restaurants, a small marina and pebble beaches. People that live here enjoy the beautiful view over the sea and the yachts.

Tourists on the almost emtpy beach
Tourists on the almost emtpy beach

The old city is built around a church (Nuestra Señora del Consuelo) up on a hill. The church can be seen from any part of the city with its blue cupula. As my favorite colors are blue and white the city is made for me! The old town offers lots of nice restaurants, small boutiques and lots of stairs – and is pedestrians only. The streets are so narrow that only residents are allowed to park here. Altea is also famous for cultural events, we even received flyers about an art night that’s coming up soon. The city appears to be very sophisticated and is home to many artists from the region.

At night the city is still alive, most shops and boutiques are open late. All the restaurants have nice little terraces and you can see either the sea or the mountains while enjoying dinner outside. The white surrounding gives everything a summer feeling even though we are still in „spring“. We will definitely be back for dinner and drinks!

The narrow streets between the white houses
View from Altea where you can almost see the skyline of Benidorm

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