People in Spain have a different style they said. Maybe you need to buy new clothes I thought… Before moving to Spain my image of Spanish people was influenced by my boyfriend and Spanish friends I made in the last years. And it’s true! They dress nicely, men use dress pants or dress shoes, women wear dresses or nice blouses. So I was a bit worried about my clothing style which is way more… simple :).

BUT then I moved to Benidorm… Benidorm is a touristic place with lots of English guests and people spend most of their days on one of the crowded beaches. Walking around in the city center you see men with only shorts and sport shoes showing off their bellies, women wearing only tanks and shorts. People love tanning and show off almost every part of their bodies. You find all different shapes and sizes – so I’m good to go with my hot pants, tank tops and Birkenstock!

[Now I only need summer clothes that I can wear to an office job. But that’s a different topic…]

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