summer vibes.

Benidorm is “city and beaches“. The city slogan is definitely true. The city center is filled with boutiques, souvenir shops and many restaurants. You can find everything here, from tapas places to foreign restaurants, waffles, ice cream, pizza, lots of cocktail places and of course many people. The city gets even more crowded around 8pm, when everyone is out looking for a nice place to eat. The atmosphere in the old town is really relaxed, lots of families, older people, and tourists.

The beaches are known all over Spain (and Britain) and are always clean and have been receiving the blue flag for years. The whole area along the Costa Blanca enables Spain to have the most beaches certified with a blue flag in Europe, but the beaches in Benidorm are one of the best.

Levante Beach

I personally prefer Levante over Poniente and also favor Mal Pas when it is not too crowded. But usually it is, because it is only a really small area between Poniente Beach and the Mediterranean Balcony. Poniente is said to be calmer and for families, while Levante is always crowded, has lots of restaurants and bars right along the beach and even night clubs. The party never stops the closer you get to the British district. But still, it is worth trying to find a small free spot in the sand for your towel.

The water quality is also one of the requirements of the blue flag, and the water could not be any clearer. Along the Mediterranean Balcony you can see the color of the water changing when it gets deeper, it changes from transparent to turquoise to an amazing dark blue. The views of the water are simply amazing!

I don‘t mind spending my afternoons at the pool or the beach :). Our neighborhood has two pools that are always free to use and depending on the day and the hour you are either by yourself or surrounded by 3 families with 25 children that jump in the water and play with their air mattresses. But I always get a good sun bath! My tan has not really improved in the last weeks, I guess I am already at my limit. Now I’m working on not losing it until winter.

Summer is definitely something different in Spain. When people ask why I don’t go on vacation I can’t hide my surprise… I already AM on vacation. This area is the perfect vacation spot and I haven‘t gotten tired of the sun yet. This feels like a #neverendingsummer.

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