traditions and christmas smells.


While Spain has its obvious advantages like the weather, it cannot keep up with German Christmas traditions. People went crazy on Black Friday, small Christmas markets have opened in Benidorm and Alicante and the streets are filled with Christmas lights. But following the Spanish tradition, Christmas simply equals family time and the most important day is January 6th. 

I wasn’t aware of that before. But Christmas means something else to me.

At home, we try to combine the best of both worlds. Our advent calendar has been complimented various times and my boyfriend invested a while lot of time in finding an Adventskranz, that’s like the one I imagined. Every Sunday we light another candle and enjoy a cup of tea. Our Christmas decoration will stay until Reyes and we exchange gifts on Christmas day as well as in January. One day with my family, the other with his.

What I miss:

  • Cinnamon smells 
  • Christmas markets that sell food and drinks
  • Christmas trees that are not made of plastic
  • Snow (but I don’t think I’ll see any this year)
  • Gingerbread houses and Christmas cookies. Baked goods in general like Baumkuchen, Zimtsterne, Lebkuchen…
  • Hot chocolate (because who drinks that when it’s 18 degrees during the day?)

    Now I can go home for more days than expected and I’m really excited! 

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