vida nueva.

I landed at 00:32 am. Late, as always on this flight. But this time there were technical problems so we all happily waited inside the airplane at the airport until everything was fixed. Goodbye Hamburg and hello Benidorm! The view from our apartment is amazing, we look down at the skyline of Benidorm, one of the best hotels in Spain right across the street and the Mediterranean Sea. Every morning, this view! Every dinner – the blinking skyline of all the hotels and party areas, surrounded by a quiet nothing. I love this place!

The first days were busy with unpacking (my boxes arrived on two different days…), buying stuff, trying to arrange the apartment and settle. Today was the first day I enjoyed the sun but I still have a lot to organize. I went to different banks to ask what it takes to open a bank account and did all the talks in Spanish! I wasn’t successful in the end but this already is a huge success in itself! This time I could not hide behind my Spanish boyfriend, I had to step up and talk on my own :). And I found Lidl, a German supermarket that sells my kind of bread. Germany has the best bread in the world! Hello German tourists, thanks to you I can still buy the same stuff.

Tomorrow we have our first visitor and I cannot wait to explore the area. Some sweet places close by and also Valencia!

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