Hamburg, meine Perle. Hamburg is considered to be the most beautiful city in the world. You can ask everyone born here and also many people living here agree. It’s Germanys second-largest city after Berlin, close to the sea and influenced by the river Elbe. Famous for the red-light district and its party areas, lots of rain and very distanced people. Comparing Germans to other nationalities, people consider us distanced, shy and hard to make friends with. Inside of Germany Hamburg is even worse. I actually already had people telling me they were surprised how easily we got along – considering the fact that I was from Hamburg…

Of course most of the stereotypes aren’t true and even the problem with the rain is just subjective perception. All in all Hamburg has as much rain as other German cities, comparing the number of days it rains and the amount of water. BUT what’s different about Hamburg are the clouds… A usual day is cloudy, windy and then once in a while there is some rain. You might even call it sprinkling, or drizzling. It hardly rains cats and dogs (when it does… it’s for days), usually the rain is very soft and constant. It might be almost horizontal due to the wind, crawling its way into your clothes to your skin.

But enough about the rain. We have a saying that you are just dressed incorrectly. The miracle about Hamburg are the sunny days! People are outside, having coffees, taking a nap in the sun, using their sun glasses, taking walks and the city is so crowded! It might only be 15°C but that doesn’t matter. People here are longing for the sun and trying to take it all in.

view from my bedroom window

The past days here in my favorite city have been treating me well. The sky has been more blue than grey/white and the temperature has gone up. Finally people are outside, walking with smiles on their faces. This passion for life amazes me every time. You can see people wearing shorts, having barbecues, picnics, it doesn’t matter as long as they are outside.

And now imagine me – with this love and longing for the sun moving to a place with more than 300 days of sun per year. I am beyond excited!

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