Packing up my life. In how many boxes fits everything you own and like to keep? This is a really hard question. I live in my own place and own many things. Of course I could not take any furniture like my bed, wardrobe or shelves. But still, in the end it sums up to a lot! Online we found a shipping agency that was affordable and shipped nine boxes in total. For two apartments. For all our stuff.

Some days I think it is way too much and I will throw out a lot more in the next couple of weeks. But then it seems like a miracle. How could we manage to fit everything? I am even taking bed sheets and blankets as well as my vacuum cleaner :). Its cheaper to ship than to buy a new one.

My apartment has been almost emtpy for a while and since yesterday the boxes are gone. Finally I decided to spend the last weekend at my Mom’s place because there is nothing here. I managed to sell most of the stuff (lucky…) and the rest was thrown out. We brought boxes to second-hand shops, my friends took some of the stuff (we call it Krimskrams), and the person moving into my apartment is also keeping some of the kitchenware. All in all it feels really good to have minimized the garbage but of course it was still a lot.

I noticed about myself that I dont get attached to things. I dont mind throwing things out or giving them away. Neither my couch, nor my desk, nothing. The memories of this apartment are safe in my heart but I dont need things reminding me.

Now I am just anxious to see how we fit all the stuff into our new apartment!

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