My birthday is on April 24th and this year was the first time I spent it in Spain. I’ve already had birthdays away from my family but this year was different. The days beforehand were superstressful and we could not make any plans at all. While in Germany it is considered bad luck to celebrate your birthday before the actual birthday (seriously, you just dont do that!) I learned that in other cultures it is no problem at all… Thats why we tried to arrange something the day before my birthday because it was a sunday, and usually family day with my boyfriends family. The afternoon was amazing, with good food, lots of sun and many different topics in Spanish from which I got around 70%. Getting there… Everyone was singing for me and we had amazing cake!

On my actual birthday we went to Benidorm and signed our contract for the apartment! We went with my boyfriends niece and spent some time on the beach and at the Balcón del Mediterráneo (which, so far, is the most beautiful place in Benidorm I’ve seen). And at night my Mom came to pick us up from the airport in Hamburg and suprised me with cake and presents at home :).


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